Make A Difference For Our Oceans - uMdloti, Ballito, Salt Rock, Sheffield

Thanks for popping in.... we may be biased but the KZN North Coast has some of the most gorgeous, diverse, ecologically rich bits of coastline in the country. Join our mission to make sure our kids get to enjoy the beaches, the dolphins, the corals, the rich rock pools, the life, the place we all love when they are older. This project is still in it's early days and a lot we want to achieve, this is a start, a start of something that people can easily get involved in, something that can change our false perceptions about marine wildlife and the oceans, something that can help us understand our challenges and fix them in new ways. 

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." - Edmund Burke

Our goal is to rid our beached of one million pieces of trash within a year. With 2000 of the good North Coast folks out there taking part, once a week, this can easily be achieved. And we don't mean "big stuff" - it's the small, tiny pieces of plastic that can fit into your pocket that makes the biggest impact.

  • Commit

    Like Our Facebook Page To Log Your Commitment To Take Ten, At Least Once A Week. Click the Facebook Button at the top of this page on below on the right

  • Take Ten

    Every Time You Visit The Beach, Pick Up Ten Items. Can't Find Ten? Look Closer, Every Beach In KZN Has Hoards Of Tiny Bits Of Plastic, The Tiny Beads, The Earbud Sticks, The Bottle Lids, The Bits Of Fishing Line. This Is The Stuff That Ends Up Killing. It's Everywhere.

  • Take Photos

    Snap Some Photos With Your Mobile, Get Social Using #KZNTakeTen. Be Fun & Creative, Share, Spread The Message. We Would Love You To Post Images Of YOUR Take Ten To Our Facebook Wall
  • Gather Info

    We Will Soon Be Launching A Platform For You To Log Different Types Of Trash. But In The Mean Time, Take Note Of The More Common Items? What Can We Do To Reduce These Items, Change Habits Or Use Them Constructively?

  • Take, Share Ideas

    We Really Need Some Great Ideas To Solve The Ocean's Problems & Create More Awareness. Share You Ideas, Chat To Friends, Start A Project, Give Us A Shout, We Want You More Involved (If You Can)

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Got Some Skills & Free Time? Our Oceans Could Do With Your Help

This is a new project, brand spanking new. Getting 2000 people to commit to picking up 10 pieces of trash a week is the easy part. We want to grow this community and ultimately create an organisation that can make a difference here on the North Coast for our oceans. 

Think of all the "Free Fun" our beaches provide you? You keen to give back a bit? We need help, keen people with skills and passion to:

1) Run our social media and PR 

2) Help us set up a legal entity, getting the NPO, PBO and other legalities sorted

3) Getting signage erected and permissions

4) Finding ways to work with local law enforcement to nail down illegal activity on our beaches

5) Branding, graphic design, infographics, t-shirts, stickers, getting the message out there. 

6) Engaging with schools, school resources, education

7) Hosting international research volunteers 

8) Set up working groups and coordinating community efforts 

9) Database IT Gurus to help with collecting research data online

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